Spin Kit

Update 2019: The Spinner Kit is Sold Out. We’ve ordered more of the working piece of the kit, the Cyclone™ Swing Spinner and those are in stock!  Please call us at 563-503-5901 to order. The Cyclone is available for $20 and free shipping. We are not restocking the tree straps at this time. 

Get ready to spin!

Includes a Cyclone™ Swing Spinner accessory and a fastened 10 ft. tree strap! Spin like a cyclone and add another dimension of fun to any single point attachment web, tire, or disc swing, hammock, or chair. Swing spins effortlessly, faster, and smoother without sound–keeps gooooing round. Aluminum rounded corner design safely and easily connects to a carabiner, tree strap, chain or rope. Stainless ball bearings spin frictionless and without twisting, kinking and recoiling. Designed for the tough demands of rock climbing safety rated to 2200 lbs., the Cyclone is quickly becoming the popular way to upgrade any swing to a new level of fun. Spins continuously in either clockwise or counter-clockwise direction. 10-inch tree strap already fastened to Cyclone Spinner for simple setup.

Cyclone Spinner Features:

  • 360-degree frictionless spinning that just keeps going and going…
  • Easily attaches to any single point hanging web, disc, tire swing, hammock or chair.
  • Large openings and rounded edges creates safe and simple attachment to any carabiner, spring clip, tree strap, rope, or chain.
  • Quality aluminum construction with stainless steel bearings, designed for use by moutain climbers, boasts a working load weight limit of 2200 lbs. delivering  safety and fun.
  • Spins effortlessly in clockwise or counterclockwise direction.

Tree Strap Features:

  • 10 ft. adjustable 5 panel non-stretch polyester. Weather and UV resistant.
  • Designed doubled-over loop ends provide safer connection points for swing hardware.
  • Holds 800 lb.
  • At almost 2″ wide the tree strap is made to protect the tree limb you are counting on. Prevents abrasion and damage to tree commonly caused by rope.


Safety rated to XX lbs.
Age graded 5+
Product Weight: XX lbs.


Weight 1 lbs