Axiski Skiboard
Axiski Skiboard
Axiski Skiboard Display
Axiski Skiboard Black
Axiski Skiboard Pink
Axiski Skiboard Blue
Axiski Skiboard Green
Axiski Skiboard Frost
Axiski Skiboard Sand
Axiski Skiboard Snow
Axiski Skiboard Rope Detail
Axiski Skiboard Grip Detail

Axiski Skiboard

$24.99 USD

Start ski-boarding!

The beauty of Axiski is in its many uses, the main one being this excellent thrill-seeking standing position that will really get your juices flowing! Axiski is for outdoorsy people, perfect for those who want to enjoy the sand, snow & frost with family and friends. It’s a multi-terrain, multi-position ski-board delivering something new, unique and exciting!


  • Any terrain, any style. Sandy dunes or snowy flats – Axiski's special and unique production techniques ensure that the board stays flexible and malleable, adapting to your terrain giving you one hell of a smooth ride. 
  • Available in 4 Colours -  Black, Blue, Green, and Pink. We're sure to have a colour for everyone!
  • Do what ya want! Stand up, sit down, lie on it, share it with family and friends! Jump on and use it how you want.
  • Axiski is perfect for both adults and kids!
  • Dimensions: 46.5" x .5" x 14.25"