Get to Know M&M Sales


M&M Sales Enterprises, Inc. is a family-based Midwest company focused on delivering fun residential outdoor play products to backyards across the country. Our motto is to "inspire outdoor adventures," and that is just what we do. With safety, quality, and play value as critical elements engineered into every product, our mission to motivate children and those young at heart to go outside and play swings into action. Our vast selection of unique products allows children to engage their imaginations actively and enjoy the therapeutic benefits of swinging; sensory integration, exercise, body awareness, and balance skills. What better way to design products that spark endless hours of entertainment than by asking kids themselves. At the heart of M&M are Max and Mary. No product is selected until it meets Max and Mary's fun-factor test.

Whatever the adventure — our products inspire children to get up, get outside, and play!

Safer Better Stronger
M&M Sales Enterprises, Inc. enjoys bringing fun, innovative outdoor adventure products to backyards across the globe. Creating play value is important; however, the winning combination is engineering products that incite fun and are safe. Safety, our number one priority, is designed into every product. Our customers expect safer, better, and stronger products than others on the market, and that is what we deliver. Our quality products not only meet but often exceed safety standards. M&M stands behind our products and has customer service that is tough to top. To learn more about important safety regulations that govern outdoor adventure products, please view U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission and Outdoor Home Playground Safety Handbook

Durable Recycled Tires
All of our tire swings use recycled tires making them one of the original “green” products before “green” was fashionable. Hundreds of millions of tires are discarded every year, fortunately the majority are now recycled in one form or another. We are proud to be part of this global effort to protect our environment and safeguard our planet for future generations.