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M&M Sales Enterprises, Inc., is proud of our products and the outdoors adventures they inspire! Backyards and the outdoors have never been more fun as when kids are swinging to new heights of plays whether it be on finding their superpowers on a Web Riderz Superhero with friends or flying solo on a Free Spirit Travel Swing. And our community agrees!

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Here are some rave reviews from the media:

Because you say it best! Here are some of our favorite product reviews from the people who matter most, our customers.

“Everyone loves our new swing! It has been a big hit with our grandkids and their parents!”


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“This was the best gift. My kids and their friends love this swing. They play on it all day long.”

“Amazing! We use it inside. Our 5-year old has moderate autism and sensory processing issues. She LOVES it. She plays on it, sleeps on it, relaxes on it. It’s amazingly sturdy. Easy to install… exceeded our expectations.”



 “We love it, neighbors love it, adults love it… we bought this one because of the weight limit. I knew our three kids would want to be on it at the same time. Seems very sturdy and well-made. Would buy it again and trying to figure out a way to pack it with us for our vacation!”


“Coolest swing in the whole world (according to my granddaughter)… the very coolest!”

“This swing has become the hit of the neighborhood. Several people can swing at once, even adults… In my opinion, this swing is much more safe than traditional swings AND it is much more fun.”


“Best swing ever. The kids love pushing and spinning and I’ve been on with both kids… We bought this instead of tire swing and definitely glad we did it. Much lighter for the kids to push each other than with a heavy tire.”

Our swings are found in trees, play sets, and backyards all across the country. We are grateful for our customers and enjoy nothing more than seeing our swings in action. We've seen scenic backgrounds, joyous expressions, and precious families in our swing snaps; while each photo unique in its own way, they all are similar in that smiles and fun are present. If you have a photo you'd like to share on our website or marketing collateral please email them to us.

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